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November 2014

Cause Marketing Recognised at AMASA Awards

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Summer Place, Hyde Park, Johannesburg: the perfect setting for the first Advertising and Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) Awards – elegant and intimate. AMASA, well known for bringing like-minded industry people together, didn’t disappoint with their Awards shortlist or their focus on championing media and advertising in South Africa. Notable amongst the awards was the Highly Commended for Branded Content, presented to ad agency One Lady & A Tribe for their Centrum® Guardian Campaign, a small victory for Cause Marketing in South Africa.

Cause Marketing Recognised at Inaugural AMASA Awards The AMASA Awards

The AMASA Award celebrations kicked off with a retrospective, looking back at the media industry over the last 40 years, recognising and honouring industry legends. As Rob Smuts, owner of RMS Media said in his opening, when AMASA formed in 1970 there were no computers, no televisions in SA and no AMPS (All Media Products Survey). The media landscape is now unrecognisable to that of four decades ago and no more so than in the field of Cause Marketing.

Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing can perhaps be seen as the evolution of Corporate Social Investment, which is often a matter of signing a cheque without due attention being paid to sustainability. Cause marketing is designed to meet long-term business objectives, including improved customer retention, enhanced consumer loyalty, increased sales and market-share growth.

An Agency/Client/Consumer Win-Win

One Lady & A Tribe’s Centrum® Guardian Campaign, as recognised with its latest award from AMASA, is an ongoing example of how a campaign can evolve and continue to benefit business, as well as the pillars of our emergency and rescue services and the public in general.  The impact of this campaign has been substantial. Sue Cartwright, Marketing Manager of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare South Africa, comments: “The Centrum® Guardian Project has been win-win for both Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and South African’s emergency services industry. It has played an integral role in the commercial performance of the Centrum brand since its inception in 2008 – helping the brand achieve double-digit growth year-on-year, driving category growth and continuing to gain market share points each year.”

“For the emergency services industry, the project has helped to provide much-needed recognition and reward for the work they do while supporting upliftment efforts through extensive sponsored training – an excellent example of ‘doing good while doing good business’.”

Sheila McGillivray, Tribe Leader

When asked how to comment on One Lady & A Tribe’s AMASA award Sheila McGillivray, Tribe Leader, said, “It’s an honour for us to be recognised for the Centrum® Guardian Campaign. I’m proud that I’ve straddled the past pioneering successes of the SA industry, as well as now being part of leading change in the industry. We are thrilled to be recognised by AMASA, particularly because of its obvious commitment to youth development and media innovation. Just the fact that #AMASAAwards trended on Twitter shows that we are part of a platform larger than the gathering actually at the Awards. It’s a great shout-out for Cause Marketing too – I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Centrum® Guardian Campaign

Editorial Note:

About:  One Lady & A Tribe:

Advertising agency, One Lady & a Tribe, is a collaboration of like-minded professionals exploring unchartered strategic angles for brands. At our core is a commitment to Cause Marketing – we like to think that we’ve made a difference when the Tribe has spoken.

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