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100% Fan. 100% Fun.

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100% Fan. 100% Fun.

To call South Africans fanatical rugby fans is an understatement. This applies even more so during Rugby World Cup years when fans from all walks of life show their true colours and unite behind the Boks.

This playful commercial for Centrum® harnesses that passion and invites everyone to share their 100% Fan moments.



10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged

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10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged   

Advertising has left the rarefied atmosphere of one-way communication and marketers are now under intense scrutiny in a 24/7 public arena. An enlightened approach is key to speaking to savvy consumers and the value of emotional engagement (EQ) in business has never been higher. Brands that reveal their humanity make the best connection with consumers. How effective the connection is largely dependent on the emotional intelligence of a business.

Not all stories are inherently emotional, but engaging with human emotions is a great way to connect with consumers on a deeper level and get results. Working in an environment where EQ is a priority ensures that your business has the emotional tools to make the right connection with the consumer.

Here are the 10 practices on how to bring EQ into your business.

  1. Be as maniacal about mission as metrics.

Marketers with a mission to do good and do good business show that the (positive) numbers will follow.

  1. Obsess over customers not competitors.

Focus on what your customer wants and how to keep them happy not  on what the (perceived) competition is doing.

10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged

  1. Be radically transparent.

Leadership shows the way: if a leader is transparent, the ethos of a business will naturally follow.

  1. Be selective about peers.

Instinct plays a role in gauging who to do business with. Tough initially, but the rewards of associating with like-minded people will change your life and your business.

Invest in individual mastery

Employees are not a ‘valuable asset’ they are the invaluable source of business strategy and creative direction. Invest in their mastery and defy conventional ‘wisdom’ when rewarding them.

  1. Face the facts.

To be agile and turn things around, honesty is critical. Facing facts is usually about admitting that something’s not working. If it’s not working, say so and fix it.

  1. Work plus life; not work versus life.

Forget work/life balance. Aim for work that’s part of life and that nurtures – not something separate that is in competition with ‘life’.

  1. Be a perpetual work in progress.

Nothing is certain, change is inevitable. Regard your business as flexible on strategic direction and non-negotiable on values.

10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged

  1. Place ideas before egos.

The great idea should be a win-win for everyone. Strive for creative environment rather than leadership roles and structures.

  1. Give yourself the autonomy to be awesome.

If your business is doing any or all of the above you are awesome.

 Sheila McGillivray, Tribe Leader