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December 2015

Which Facebook Personality Are You?

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“That little zing you get when someone ‘likes’ your picture or sings your praises on Facebook? That’s the reward centre in your brain getting a boost,” – so says Time Magazine. And this has been scientifically proven. When we receive positive feedback on Facebook, dopamine levels rise and we experience a response similar to how we feel when we think about “fun things like sex and food and money.”

But not everyone is a ‘liker’. Many are lurkers and there are more and more dislikers. We’re looking forward to see who’s who when Facebook introduces their new Emoji buttons, then we’ll have six “emotions” to choose from: 

Which Facebook Personality Are You 3

But for now, which of these categories do you fall into?

Which Facebook Personality Are YouLike to Like!

It makes me feel good knowing I’m lighting up someone else’s pleasure centre. I am a fan of people’s family and animal posts – I’m even keen to know what you had for breakfast. And it’s a win-win, if I like someone’s post they’ll probably like mine.

Which Facebook Personality Are You A Looker Not a Liker

I like to see what people are up to and find some of the posts I see funny or engaging. But I am not really someone who likes to like posts all over the place. I prefer to keep my preferences to myself. But please keep posting – people like me are actually stalking, I mean watching.

Not Much to Like

Which Facebook Personality Are You

I hardly ever see anything that appeals to me any more on Facebook. My newsfeed is flooded with doom and gloom or people whose children are phenomenal overachievers. I used to like Facebook a lot, but now I don’t like it – or the posts I see.