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January 2016

A Culture Code to Live By: One Lady and a Tribe

By | Food for thought

We are an ad agency. Just not your typical one.  We know we don’t always have the answers. So we bring in amazing collaborators; designers, actors, techies, chefs, musicians, scientists, sports stars… even a peacock once (long story) and we combine their expertise with our own. We form a tribe. Together, we find the answers you’re looking for and create beautiful work that works.

We’re also big on culture and have a code that we like to live by. A mantra that we’re proud of and which keeps us on track.

 A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Create Beautiful Work that Works

It’s not enough to make something look good, our strategic campaigns integrate meaningful concepts with beautiful and innovative design that benefits our clients and their customers.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Be a Perpetual Work in Progress

Life is a journey – we want to enjoy the ride and transition along with it when needed.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Invest in Individual Mastery

Our people are our inspiration and by our people we mean our extended Tribe.  Artists, actors, musicians, designers. We embrace creativity, innovation and change and help to develop talent where we can.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Be Radically Transparent

This can be uncomfortable at times – but you’ll get used to it! If we all have our cards on the table we can take the game to the next level!

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Speak the Truth

In the words of the genius Mark Twain: “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Face the Facts

The advantage of being straight with the facts is that our client’s know they can rely on our integrity and agility if something is not working.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Defy Conventional Wisdom

Seeing the other side, not following the herd and never failing to surprise.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016

By | Food for thought

While technology will dominate marketing direction in 2016, from virtual reality to tapping into smart everything, there are four exciting trends that will see brands strive to make a more authentic impact.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016Co-Branding

The “Science of Alliance” is strong.  This looks set to become more commonplace, particularly in the luxury retail sector where upper-end brands (on their own) are struggling to be relevant to the younger wave of consumers. A pairing that caught our eye last year was between Hermes and Apple Watch. But more to the point of authentic, the eight year partnership between Centrum® and the SA Emergency Rescue Services set the bar high in terms of co-branding in South Africa. We’re sure to see similar alliances strive to make a social impact in the future.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016Pop-Ups

Who could forget the #PLAYWITHOREO pop-up café in Rosebank? A delicious innovation, made even sweeter by being temporary. Social media played its part – spreading FOMO throughout the country and giving the brand longevity though visible online customer feedback. Also The Street Store, “The world’s first rent-free, premises-free, free pop-up clothing store for the homeless, found entirely on the street…” How amazing was that? The more emphasis we put on quality and creating value the more likely we are to enter (and create) the wonderful world of impactful pop-ups.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016Up-Cycling

Up-cycling is about recognising the value in old or discarded things. Seeing something differently and transforming it. This story about old payphones in New York City being used as super-fast, free Wi-Fi kiosks is inspiring. South Africa already has a strong culture of up-cycling – whether it is actual city centres, specific buildings or the humble plastic bag. It’s only a matter of time before our big brands start designing their products or packaging in such a way that they have value beyond their original use.

Sharing4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016

Brands like Unilever are making sure that they share their commitment to a “Bright Future” as are KFC with their ongoing Add Hope campaign, and many others. Brands that don’t have a strategy for authentic change in place will need to focus on finding one and sharing it in 2016.

Bernadette Jiwa recently wrote an article highlighting the three marketing superpowers of Judgement, Empathy and Timing – all of which resonate with how we see brand positioning in 2016. So let’s do it wisely and kindly and as soon as possible.

Sheila McGillivray, Tribe Leader