A Culture Code to Live By: One Lady and a Tribe

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We are an ad agency. Just not your typical one.  We know we don’t always have the answers. So we bring in amazing collaborators; designers, actors, techies, chefs, musicians, scientists, sports stars… even a peacock once (long story) and we combine their expertise with our own. We form a tribe. Together, we find the answers you’re looking for and create beautiful work that works.

We’re also big on culture and have a code that we like to live by. A mantra that we’re proud of and which keeps us on track.

 A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Create Beautiful Work that Works

It’s not enough to make something look good, our strategic campaigns integrate meaningful concepts with beautiful and innovative design that benefits our clients and their customers.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Be a Perpetual Work in Progress

Life is a journey – we want to enjoy the ride and transition along with it when needed.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Invest in Individual Mastery

Our people are our inspiration and by our people we mean our extended Tribe.  Artists, actors, musicians, designers. We embrace creativity, innovation and change and help to develop talent where we can.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Be Radically Transparent

This can be uncomfortable at times – but you’ll get used to it! If we all have our cards on the table we can take the game to the next level!

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Speak the Truth

In the words of the genius Mark Twain: “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Face the Facts

The advantage of being straight with the facts is that our client’s know they can rely on our integrity and agility if something is not working.

A Culture Code to Live By One Lady and a Tribe

Defy Conventional Wisdom

Seeing the other side, not following the herd and never failing to surprise.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016

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While technology will dominate marketing direction in 2016, from virtual reality to tapping into smart everything, there are four exciting trends that will see brands strive to make a more authentic impact.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016Co-Branding

The “Science of Alliance” is strong.  This looks set to become more commonplace, particularly in the luxury retail sector where upper-end brands (on their own) are struggling to be relevant to the younger wave of consumers. A pairing that caught our eye last year was between Hermes and Apple Watch. But more to the point of authentic, the eight year partnership between Centrum® and the SA Emergency Rescue Services set the bar high in terms of co-branding in South Africa. We’re sure to see similar alliances strive to make a social impact in the future.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016Pop-Ups

Who could forget the #PLAYWITHOREO pop-up café in Rosebank? A delicious innovation, made even sweeter by being temporary. Social media played its part – spreading FOMO throughout the country and giving the brand longevity though visible online customer feedback. Also The Street Store, “The world’s first rent-free, premises-free, free pop-up clothing store for the homeless, found entirely on the street…” How amazing was that? The more emphasis we put on quality and creating value the more likely we are to enter (and create) the wonderful world of impactful pop-ups.

4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016Up-Cycling

Up-cycling is about recognising the value in old or discarded things. Seeing something differently and transforming it. This story about old payphones in New York City being used as super-fast, free Wi-Fi kiosks is inspiring. South Africa already has a strong culture of up-cycling – whether it is actual city centres, specific buildings or the humble plastic bag. It’s only a matter of time before our big brands start designing their products or packaging in such a way that they have value beyond their original use.

Sharing4 Authentic Marketing Trends in 2016

Brands like Unilever are making sure that they share their commitment to a “Bright Future” as are KFC with their ongoing Add Hope campaign, and many others. Brands that don’t have a strategy for authentic change in place will need to focus on finding one and sharing it in 2016.

Bernadette Jiwa recently wrote an article highlighting the three marketing superpowers of Judgement, Empathy and Timing – all of which resonate with how we see brand positioning in 2016. So let’s do it wisely and kindly and as soon as possible.

Sheila McGillivray, Tribe Leader

Email: sheila@oneladyandatribe.co.za

Which Facebook Personality Are You?

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“That little zing you get when someone ‘likes’ your picture or sings your praises on Facebook? That’s the reward centre in your brain getting a boost,” – so says Time Magazine. And this has been scientifically proven. When we receive positive feedback on Facebook, dopamine levels rise and we experience a response similar to how we feel when we think about “fun things like sex and food and money.”

But not everyone is a ‘liker’. Many are lurkers and there are more and more dislikers. We’re looking forward to see who’s who when Facebook introduces their new Emoji buttons, then we’ll have six “emotions” to choose from: 

Which Facebook Personality Are You 3

But for now, which of these categories do you fall into?

Which Facebook Personality Are YouLike to Like!

It makes me feel good knowing I’m lighting up someone else’s pleasure centre. I am a fan of people’s family and animal posts – I’m even keen to know what you had for breakfast. And it’s a win-win, if I like someone’s post they’ll probably like mine.

Which Facebook Personality Are You A Looker Not a Liker

I like to see what people are up to and find some of the posts I see funny or engaging. But I am not really someone who likes to like posts all over the place. I prefer to keep my preferences to myself. But please keep posting – people like me are actually stalking, I mean watching.

Not Much to Like

Which Facebook Personality Are You

I hardly ever see anything that appeals to me any more on Facebook. My newsfeed is flooded with doom and gloom or people whose children are phenomenal overachievers. I used to like Facebook a lot, but now I don’t like it – or the posts I see.




Rebels with a Centrum Guardians Cause

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Rebels with a Centrum Guardians CauseFor all its excitement, advertising can be dull at times. Generic projects with generic strategies and generic outcomes. Just watch television for an hour and you’ll see the lack of love and enthusiasm. You’ll see the effect of agencies going through the motions. Trying, but not really caring.

But every now and again, you come across a project that transcends advertising. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Projects where you don’t sell anything to anyone. Where your target audience isn’t a statistic, but a common denominator called compassion. One such project is Rebels with a Centrum Guardians CauseCentrum Guardians. As an example of cause marketing that drove a brand proposition, it leads the way as one of South Africa’s best yet. But that’s not what this entry is about. (If you’re interested in the numbers, drop us a line and we’ll gladly share them.)

This entry is about ad people who have the rare chance to pour their passion into something they believe in. An idea with a cause. A campaign that pays homage to the brave souls from the Rebels with a Centrum Guardians CauseEmergency Rescue Services all over the country. In a way, it is the perfect marriage; a bunch of oddball ad people teaming up with fire fighters, paramedics and lifeguards (to name but a few) to retell their tales of ‘heroism’ (they don’t like it when we used that word). From the outset, we were willing to walk through fire, literally and figuratively. We became rebels with a cause.

Too often we get told that if you really believe in something, you’ll do whatever it takes. You go above and beyond. You’ll even sacrifice. But rarely do we get the opportunity (read: project) where our hearts give us the spontaneous thumbs up. Centrum Guardians is one of those rare projects. The last eight years has seen us produce work that connects with people, but more importantly, it allowed everyone to flex their considerable marketing muscles for a good cause. It showed everyone that hidden nirvana in the marketing world that’s not about sales or awards. It’s about doing good, and when you do it well, it feels great. Amazing, really.

These rebels are looking for a new cause. Watch this space.

The Branded Content Marketing Institute of South Africa

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The Branded Content Marketing Institute of South AfricaThe recent AMASA Awards afforded us a great opportunity to announce South Africa’s official benchmark in Content Marketing: The Branded Content Marketing Institute of South Africa.  The association was launched as an affiliated branch of the global BCMA, who have a head office in London.

We revealed the South African Branded Content Marketing Association Chapter at the AMASA Awards by sponsoring a give-away draw for a Go Pro camera as well as the Best Branded Content Campaign Award, won by Native VML for Nedbank’s Ke Yona Team Search.

But the real story of The BCMA in South Africa started a few years back with advertising agency One Lady and a Tribe and our work with Pfizer on the Centrum Guardians Project. As this campaign (now in its eighth year) evolved from a The Branded Content Marketing Institute of South Africaprint ad and 3Talk campaign into a 13 week TV series, it was clear we weren’t working within a conventional advertising framework. We had begun creating branded content, but we hadn’t given it a name.

So we searched for an institute or association which could teach us more about advertising within the context of content to engage with consumers and came across the BCMA, with branches around the world (including USA, South America, Russia, Scandinavia, Middle East & North Africa and Spain) but there wasn’t a Chapter in South Africa – which made the next step obvious.

Anyone interested in marketing will be excited about transmedia or branded content: it’s a narrative expressed across a variety of touchpoints in different ways, changing the way ideas are captured.Transmedia planning is, in essence, one story with multiple expressions of that story shared on different channels.

The Branded Content Marketing Institute of South AfricaMarketers want to connect globally, share ideas, set industry standardsand develop best practice.To help us do this The BCMAhas created a proprietary measurement tool with Ipsos, determining what makes branded content effective and how it delivers on ROI. We look forward to holding regular forums and workshops for BCMA SA members and share best practice as technology evolves and we need to be able to measure its effectiveness.

This note from Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA, inspires us on our journey: “We are immensely proud to have launched the BCMA South Africa Chapter. It is an exciting time to be involved in branded content marketing and we are looking forward to working with the leading practitioners to showcase best practice and share learnings. We are so pleased to be working with such an inspirational team of people and are sure BCMA SA will be a great success.”

The Branded Content Marketing Institute of South AfricaThe SA Branch of the Global Content Marketing Association promoting best practice, sharing knowledge, growing the branded content industry.

Email: Sheila@oneladyandatribe.co.za




Three Types of People You Need In Your Next Brainstorm

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The South African consumer, enabled by technology, is now so ahead of marketing trends that they’re creating them. As we become more and more disrupted by digital, the buyer landscape will compel us to deviate from traditional marketing strategies. We no longer need to think outside the box, we need to think about the box not being there at all. One way of doing this is to invite non-traditional marketing people into the mix when you’re brainstorming your next advertising campaign.

To tap in to what the consumer may not even know they’re looking for yet, invite different kinds of people to contribute to your marketing campaign strategy upfront. And where better to start than in your initial brainstorm? The objective is to look for virtuosos engaged in the production of culture who can input on our exponentially changing society. People (like artists) who are engaged in the production of culture. These types of professionals bring different knowledge and energy into the mix and will help to inspire some magic by throwing art, data and futurist predictions into the creative melting pot.

Three Types of People You Need In Your Next Brainstorm

1 Artist Consultant

Artists are being used as consultants for big-brands (GAP, MTV, and Coca-Cola) to bring fresh vision and acumen to short and long term strategies. As Skull-A-Day  creative phenomenon, Noah Scalin, says about using Artist as Consultants: “The set of skills artists learn allows us to be consistently innovative and consistently come up with new ideas.”  An artist with a different world view could be the innovative creative force you need to unlock a different way of marketing your brand.

Three Types of People You Need In Your Next Brainstorm

2 Data Scientist

In Benjamin Spiegel’s article “Why Every Marketing Department Needs a Data Scientist” he says: “Data = Power”. You need someone with “power” in your brainstorm – that person is someone who knows what the best day to sell airtime to teenagers is. Spiegel goes on to say: “In today’s marketing world, the power and knowledge often lie with the person with the best data access and deepest understanding of that information.” Who better than someone who can translate customer data into behaviour to help you roll out your next marketing campaign?

Three Types of People You Need In Your Next Brainstorm

3 Futurist

Simply put, a Futurist a person who studies the future and makes predictions about it based on current trends. The word has also become a verb: “To Future”; and “Futuring” is now being used as a disruption technique by business leaders trying to tap in to the zeitgeist that they can’t quite put their finger on. The benefit of inviting a skilled Futurist into your Tribe is that they may identify mega-trends that will have a great impact on the social and business economy.

And if you’re looking for more fresh faces in 2016 you may also be calling on a Virtual Reality Experience Designer and 3D Printer Design Specialist. Exciting times ahead!

Sheila McGillivray, Tribe Leader

100% Fan. 100% Fun.

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100% Fan. 100% Fun.

To call South Africans fanatical rugby fans is an understatement. This applies even more so during Rugby World Cup years when fans from all walks of life show their true colours and unite behind the Boks.

This playful commercial for Centrum® harnesses that passion and invites everyone to share their 100% Fan moments.



10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged

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10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged   

Advertising has left the rarefied atmosphere of one-way communication and marketers are now under intense scrutiny in a 24/7 public arena. An enlightened approach is key to speaking to savvy consumers and the value of emotional engagement (EQ) in business has never been higher. Brands that reveal their humanity make the best connection with consumers. How effective the connection is largely dependent on the emotional intelligence of a business.

Not all stories are inherently emotional, but engaging with human emotions is a great way to connect with consumers on a deeper level and get results. Working in an environment where EQ is a priority ensures that your business has the emotional tools to make the right connection with the consumer.

Here are the 10 practices on how to bring EQ into your business.

  1. Be as maniacal about mission as metrics.

Marketers with a mission to do good and do good business show that the (positive) numbers will follow.

  1. Obsess over customers not competitors.

Focus on what your customer wants and how to keep them happy not  on what the (perceived) competition is doing.

10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged

  1. Be radically transparent.

Leadership shows the way: if a leader is transparent, the ethos of a business will naturally follow.

  1. Be selective about peers.

Instinct plays a role in gauging who to do business with. Tough initially, but the rewards of associating with like-minded people will change your life and your business.

Invest in individual mastery

Employees are not a ‘valuable asset’ they are the invaluable source of business strategy and creative direction. Invest in their mastery and defy conventional ‘wisdom’ when rewarding them.

  1. Face the facts.

To be agile and turn things around, honesty is critical. Facing facts is usually about admitting that something’s not working. If it’s not working, say so and fix it.

  1. Work plus life; not work versus life.

Forget work/life balance. Aim for work that’s part of life and that nurtures – not something separate that is in competition with ‘life’.

  1. Be a perpetual work in progress.

Nothing is certain, change is inevitable. Regard your business as flexible on strategic direction and non-negotiable on values.

10 Ways for Business to Become More Emotionally Engaged

  1. Place ideas before egos.

The great idea should be a win-win for everyone. Strive for creative environment rather than leadership roles and structures.

  1. Give yourself the autonomy to be awesome.

If your business is doing any or all of the above you are awesome.

 Sheila McGillivray, Tribe Leader