Is That A Robot I See Before Me? Marketing Trends 2019

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Is That A Robot I See Before Me Marketing Trends 2019 (2)Artificial Intelligence is the biggest technology marketers expect to adopt in 2019 – but we’re not only using the AI for tech – we’re also putting it on screen and making it the star of the show. As we prepare for the next generation of consumers, those born after 2010 (dubbed Generation Alpha) robots selling things will become mainstream advertising. This trend will be exponential as artificial intelligence becomes common place in our daily lives. Here are three reasons why we’ll be persuaded by robots to buy things.

Gen Gen Z’s digital world exists predominantly on mobile and the next generation of consumers won’t know a world without AI. Their reality will be immersed in robotics, just let that sink in for a second. Advertising creatives know this and brands are already creating ads based soley on robotic characters and / or driven by voice assistants.

1 Meet Generation Alpha


Generation Alpha are also referred to as the Glass Generation as their devices will be their means of communication. They will probably put more trust in artificial intelligence than in humans. This Superbowl ad forSprint, is a good example of a brand representing this. It may seem creepy to us but it shows how robots will be positioned as the authority of the best deal.

Currently, the most effective interplay between human and robot, is with the human still coming out “tops”, like this Chicken Licken – Sbu 2.0 ad. It’s effective because the product (chicken) tempts the human creator of Sbu out of hiding, and it is entertaining. As one viewer on YouTube says, “In South Africa, the adverts are doper than the movies. These advertisers should be the ones would take the movie industry to great level.”

2. Agency of Robots

Is That A Robot I See Before Me Marketing Trends 2019 (“Is it bird, is it plane? Now it’s bird chicken fries…The Whopper lives in a bun mansion -just like you.”Burger King says it used “High-end computing resources and big data to train an artificial neural network with advanced pattern recognition capabilities” to write the series ads.But they didn’t really. It’s a spoof and the robotic voice and quirky AI “speak” creates a memorable campaign.

Marcelo Pascoa, Global Head of Brand Marketing for Burger King says they make the ads to show that “Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for a great creative idea coming from a real person.”  They refer to this project as the “Agency of Robots” giving a “Glimpse into what the future of marketing and communications could look like.”It’s tongue in cheek now but how long before AI speak is actually more understandabe  to the younger consumer than the Queen’s English? We’ll see a new artifical language mapped out by marketers and AI in the near future.

3 Voice Your Opinion

Is That A Robot I See Before Me Marketing Trends 2019While the AI voice is still discernible from the human one it won’t long before we can’t tell the difference. Contributing editor for, John Brandon, writes,“Your voice is the best interface ever created. Generation Alpha will finally figure that out.” He predicts Gen Alpha won’t bother with email, texting, or even a phone, explaining everything will be done by voice command, “Texting and email will become totally unnecessary. The bot will communicate for us with other people and with other bots.”

We look forward to the ways we’re going to see robots take over the small screen and try to convince us to trust them and buy their products -it may be easier than we think – as author Ashley Freidlein says,  “Would you trust a computer over a human? I think people would, particularly over a call centre agent.”

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